All the leaky-cauldrons & muggleneters will agree with me on this. Bidding farewell to Harry & Hogwarts is the hardest thing to do, nevertheless  Rowling helps us to do it in style. She gives us a wonderful treat with paramount emotions to enjoy the last leap of the journey that stays even after completion of the book. For the very first time when I’m reading this book my cousin informed me that Ron is going to die adding to my piled up worry of Harry’s fate. But I should have the sense not to listen to him ,at the end I’m glad that his prediction didn’t come true. After completion of the book I felt like kicking him but he is so much stronger than me so I kept the kicking part to myself 🙂

Coming back to the book, It takes us thru a roller coaster ride.                                                 U will be excited to see 7 Harry’s deported to burrow,                                                     worried for the trio when they start their journey in search of horcruxes,         apprehensive when they are alone in woods,                                                                 distressed when Ron leaves Harry,                                                                                       gloomy when Harry & Hermoine are left behind,                                                               petrified when Harry visits Godric’s hollow,                                                                               the entire fight at the Bathilda’s is spine chilling,                                                             delighted when Ron joins them, awed with the adventure of breaking into Gringotts, & enchanted to listen to the story of three brothers & hallows.

The grand battle towards the end is magnificent.It adds more to the visual grandeur so it will be interesting to wait for this part in the movie.Those of u who are expecting a extravagant spell to kill Voldemort, will be disappointed since she keeps that simple & predictable but with added logic making it more convincing. When they are having a victory dance, a sad tune is playing in my head making me realize that I was at the end of my journey.

Losing Moody,Dobby,Fred,Tonks & Lupin is inevitable but nonetheless tugs your heartstrings.I cant complete my review without mentioning Snape, the most wonderfully mysterious character created in literature.U hate him till the end & in the end after listening his story which is so moving you are heartbroken for him. Those who are worried about Dumbledore not being around, give u r worries a rest she brings him back to tie up the loose ends in his own style. At first I didn’t like Ginny messing up the chemistry of Harry-Ron-Hermoine, but if Harry is in love with her who am I to complain? Even though Iam not a big fan of pairing Ron & Hermoine, it too grew up on me. A different epilogue would have added more to the reading experience than the one present.

Take a bow Rowling for creating a new world where every muggle wishes to live in it. All the faithful followers of Harry will have incredible memories to carry forward. So if u cant get enough of Harry or didn’t want to let him go, then go back & start from book one.

Harry’s godson ,Rose & Al’s return to the Hogwarts,younger malfoy waiting to join them – Is Rowling hinting at a new Potter book?


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4 Responses to HP-7

  1. Anoohya says:

    Can any one of u place the 3 brothers & hallows story? I read a similar story somewhere but couldn’t remember properly!!!!!!!!!

    • vikram says:

      The Tale of the Three Brothers is a fairy tale that wizard parents tell to their children. Supposedly written by Beedle the Bard, it is published as part of a series of works that collectively are called The Tales of Beedle the Bard. While most wizards view this story as one that teaches children morals (e.g. humility, wisdom, etc.), some few believe that the story refers to the Deathly Hallows, three highly powerful magical artefacts coveted by generations of wizards, and the three Peverell brothers who created them. ‘The Tale of the Three Brothers’ also has a different variation, referring to the twilight as midnight to make it more suspenseful for the entertainment of children, but in Dumbledore’s original copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard it refers to the journey taking place at twilight.

  2. Navyatha says:

    Nice one! the last line definitely left me wanting for more…continuation of potter series in the future??? sounds tantalizing…hope Rowling takes a cue;)

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