The Man in a hurry

Jagan – Is he cribbing that he didn’t get his due in the govt & so he resigned?
What exactly is his due, Is it the CM post neatly handed over to him?
May be he is inspired by his own party (err ex party) which is so routed into dynastical politics and want to try their own tested formula to grab the CM position.
At least we need to hand over this argument to him .Sonia why the hypocrisy, when u r family can conveniently do this why not other political families?

Are we in a monarchical govt that when father passes away son automatically becomes the next ruler. Then why go this far & declare ourselves free & our country democratic?
If this is the way we function then can we revert back to monarchial system so that people like me can’t crib and the govt can save loads of money from our election costs.
Before starting a new party Can Mr.Jagan Mohan Reddy please answer these questions.
Why was u r income tax deductions so low when u r father was CM than now?
Have u earned majority of u r earnings within a year that too when u r so deeply rooted into consoling people. Or do u consider us as plain fools to believe u r drama and encourage u to start a party?

He is filthy rich that he doesn’t even need to earn more money. His only problem is that without substantial govt position and power ha can’t safe guard his unethical money.
So when the present govt shows its back to him he needs a platform to maintain the sympathy of the people evoked on his fathers death.Hence the yatras so that he is continuously in lime light and thereby sending signals to the govt to act.He even has a tv channel to showcase all this.But inspite of his best efforts he is not taken seriously by the govt. So here comes the need for a new party.

What he doesn’t understand is that we don’t have any dearth of politicians. What we don’t have is politicians actually doing their job ie serving people.
If Jagan is so fond of YSR & so attached to people of Andhra, why can’t he start a ysr foundation and serve people in the name of his father .It should be more fulfilling than the so-called vodarpu yatra.Many bigger and powerful persons than him tried their hand in politics & failed miserably. Can’t he take a lesson..or may be like many others he just feels that his fate will be different.

Are we blind to all these facts or r we just not interested in anything that happens outside our homes……


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3 Responses to The Man in a hurry

  1. vikram says:

    The Man in a hurry is making people money curry

  2. vikram says:

    jagan mohan reddy (just money rooster)

  3. chulbulee says:

    Definately we are not under monarchy,actually we r seeing toomuch of polyyyyyyyyyyyyyarchy…:))evadi istam vaadidi . monarchy(let it be jaganarchy or chandrababu archy…..never mind) could have been much better…….!!!!!

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