All in all KBC still rocks

Yes,They have done it again.Sidharth Basu & Amitabh Bachan, the masterminds behind & infront of KBC successfully wrapped up yet another power packed high-trp worthy season. Infact according to the survey conducted by major channels Amitabh emerged as the biggest crowd-puller beating the other celebrity hosts. His charismatic screen presence , dry humor & natural warmth make participants open up & the viewers glued to their Tv sets.

No,u cant compare this with other seasons. Some I barely remember & other has a different host. Sharukh’s & Amitabh’s approach towards the game is different & each is entertaining in his own way (Yes, Iam a fan of Sharukh), but keeping my personal prejudice aside it seems that the yesteryear Superstar’s connect with the home viewing audience is exceptional making him the evergreen Superstar.

Alright,Here come the details……..The questions asusual are good.The somewhat changed format & added lifelines make the game more interesting.Most of the times u get excited while viewing the questions that u r jumping in ur seats with answers but the first question always makes me fall flat as it generally is a Hindi kahavat. Why is it whenever Amitabh says “u r playing very well” or “aapka teeno life line jeevit ” suddenly players lose hold on their game. Are those lines jinxed?:)  If u r at the highest amount and u r not sure of the answer then beware because the usually ever helpful Amitabh misleads us. One Mr.Prasanth Batar has fallen into this trap.

Some faces & even some name-associated-faces stay with us for a long time along with their oh shit,sigh & broad smiles.


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