Leakage effect !!!!!!!!

Corporate India is not the only one who is worried about these recent phone tapping. Common India, my mother for instance is so worried about these tapping. Leaked conversations might serve the public interest in curbing corruption & detecting the wrong doers but as worried by the corporate world it could adversely affect credibility of the brands there by effecting India’s global image .

We know we are not that imp or we are not dealing with any government proceedings, but what if someone taps our conversation because they have the means or just for the fun of it & leak it to the media. My mother is the one who raised this issue & she is so anxious about it that we started teasing her, what are u worried that u r phone will be tapped and all the discussions about the timings of your maid with u r sisters will interest the media and u get to the prime slot under the topic ‘what do sisters discuss’. My mom kept saying ah keep joking if it really happens then u will know .

Even our PM agreed that tapping of phones is integral part of investigation(how did they know something is going on or is it a standard procedure to tap all the conversations) but what tarnished the image is the leakage of tapes to the media. He promised that from here on it will be more organized which means preventing leakage of tapped conversations to the media.Even the news channels should restrain from dissecting  each and every word they uttered. One point which eludes everyone is why did not the government realize the scam at the starting stage ( for that instance all the scams, why can’t they be detected at the initial stages) or is the inevitabileness the only reason for the government to accept the blame????

Come to think of it I too used to worry about these tapping a few times.
Me & my cousin used to have this long discussions on our bsnl landlines & we always used to hear some click or tap like someone else also listening to us.We used to think what r our conversations so juicy that they r abandoning their work and listening to us.
So we started including them in our conversations & also made sure they got an ear full.Now we choose a safer mode of communication so we no longer need to worry about this 🙂 .


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