NewYear & New resolutions

Dec 31st is back.Every year this day we analyze the year gone by but this time we have even greater responsibility, we need to recall & evaluate the decade passed by .Can u believe this, the first decade of the millennium is ready to leave us!!!!!. Time indeed flies.I can very easily recall the start of the millennium. Do u remember there used to be a lot of gossip that the world is going to end at 2000 & I was worried sick about that(don’t laugh ,I was a mid adolescent then) & added to that all my cousins were at home which made it even more difficult to remain at the hostel so my mother arranged for me to get home for the new year.We decorated our terrace, made rangoli at our front yard (we used to do that for every new year) and at the stroke of midnight we were ready with cake and camera to start the historical milestone.

The hot topic of the day is also back along with Dec 31st – Resolutions. So have u got any resolutions lined up. I kept thinking and finally found a few which I can share here.             1. To rise early in the morning (No u cant hold me on this)                                                        2. Cant buy any more Stoles for the entire next year ( my mom’s face when last time I bought 3 stoles in a single day made me add this, but I found a way to work around it:))
3. Not to lose any more weight
4. Learn Yoga (this is highly overpending resolution, need to do this atleast next year)
5. Be a better person (this I keep thinking everyyear and by Jan 10th I will be back to my normal sinful self)

& Finally how r u celebrating New Year’s Eve?No plans yet, maybe I can help u here.If u cant be awake till midnight choose a country from right side of u r time line longitude so that u can kick-start u r year a little early.Arrange atleast a few replicas or maps or pictures so that u get a feel of that country, doll up in their attire, cook or order their food and start u r new year at their midnight and better do it in their language.Isn’t this a great idea? If this is difficult for u then head back to u r comfort zone join ur family,add great food, & switch on u r fav programs, it should be enough and at midnight even better call up u r friends and shout u r wishes.If this is too ordinary for u try doing something which u have never attempted before that can add an interesting twist to u r routine. Keep digging u r imagination u can come up with most wonderfully insane ideas and when u do, share them with us.

As for me, like always full of ideas & with no proper plans. God, please save me from myself at least next year.   Happy New Year


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2 Responses to NewYear & New resolutions

  1. Aarzoo says:

    new year begins with full of excitement new things on road with Abhaya (fearless) journey ahead.make use of the journey with joyful and happiness, new year with new things and new ideas begins with the new day of the Aahana (First rays of the sun) and the bright light for the happy new year………..cheers

  2. raghavi says:

    btw do u take same resolutions every year or different…no …..for clarity:))

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