Why do u read?

I love books.Reading is my all time fav activity.If I have a book which I need to complete then there is nothing that I will be doing rather than reading. There are many reasons why I love reading. Reading is my greatest escape.Whenever I wish to ignore the world around me I open a book and move on to my own dreamland.If I am upset or mad at something(or someone) books help me to cool things down.They comfort me when I’m depressed & When I’m in mood to relish they are always there ready to please.

What books do u love to read? For me the main requirement is, it needs to connect with me,engage my over active imagination & open up a whole new world of different dimensions.Some of my fav genres are true historical events converted into interesting stories,mystery & suspense stuff,cops & detectives,romance and adventures.I prefer fiction. But lately I have read some very good nonfiction too(maybe I’m growing up :)) I love to read on journeys ,the first thing I always pack is books.I can read & reread my fav books any no of times.Curling up with u r fav book is like revisiting an old friend,u will find peace & contentment.Leave me in a bookstore or a library for a whole day & I will never complain.

I suppose reading is my super power.I can read fast.I can read continuously without getting bored and I enjoy collecting & savoring books .The other day I was wondering why can’t reading be my profession(need to give a serious thought to that).May be the best job for me will be a Librarian but then again I can’t handle the ordering stuff.        My passion for books started at a very early age. Even in school I used to finish of the lesson before it is started in the class.Iam lucky that people around me read books and share my madness.As I love to discuss books with people,Iam planning to write reviews & experiences of my fav books here.If u share my love for the book or have something more to add do contribute.

Wish I can post my Shelfari-books here.But those people are still working on getting a shelfari widget for WordPress domain.Hope they do it soon or Is there someother way which Iam not aware of?


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