My Leaders

Which leader influenced u most? Growing up I had string of inspirations .                           My 5th class social teacher Lenora could arrest the attention of young kids with her lessons. The first time she taught us about Bhagat Singh, I learned abt patriotism & what it really means to love our country. Then came Subhash Chandra Bose in my 7th class.The Rebel who fought in his own unique way opposing the then stronger leaders. Imagine a lady leading the entire nation, standing tall against all extreme situations. Indira Gandhi, whatever might be her faults she definitely had the ability to influence the decision of the entire nation.To add to my fascination, in my 10th class I was made the ‘IndiraGandhi’ house leader in our school.

Today we can’t rightfully say them as leaders, going with Sekhar Kammula we need to call them as politicians.But the one person whom I can accept even in this form is Chandra Babu Naidu. At first when he became CM I didn’t even know who he was & I wondered how come he was so powerful that he could backstab the mighty NTR(I still don’t know what went on then).

But he showed us all what a capable leader he was. He had true vision
& greater urge to change the face of AndhraPradesh.His greatest achievement till date was pinning AP particularly Hyderabad in the global arena.His unique development programs like Sramadanam, Janmabhoomi, Swarnandhra pradesh, Harithandra pradesh were a huge hit at those times. With impromptu checking he made sure all the govt officials work, which mainly cost him his next election. TDP may not be perfect & all their polices & methods may not be fair but CBN definitely was an ideal cm whom we can be proud of.

In 2005 he was touring our place & one day when I was returning from college he was there on the road & I started waving to him & he immediately responded..ah  I was so happy that after reaching home I called all my friends & told them. But he didn’t win that election and my friends never let me enjoy that moment :).                                                  Want to know the reason why I liked him at first -we share the same birthday.


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