Giving Voice to Women

The question never was Are men & women equal? The question always is Why are women & men not treated equally? In the past our society never gave a chance to women,they always had to fight for their place. Men too never let go of any opportunity to show off their superiority. Today I am hoping the situation is different but not to the extent where we can relax and enjoy the achievement.Celebrating Womens day means the celebration of respect,appreciation & love towards women & recognizing and appreciating their achievements.

Normally I hate reservations of any kind.According to me women don’t need such reservations to prove their worth.But Women’s Resevation Bill in Parliament is one exception. What is the Women’s Reservation Bill all about? It is to reserve 33.3 percent seats in Parliament and state legislatures for women.If we can achieve this it can truly change the face of women in our society or atleast can be a stepping stone. Since our political system is man driven we need such reservations to ensure the say of women.Will any politician voluntarily nominate a woman for any seat even though they proved their worth? Years of deprivation & even now they are fighting this bill. The main opposers for this bill are SP & RJD parties and they argue that they are worried abt that the backward classes which may not benefit from this reservation.They are bringing a much bigger issue to curb this reservation. Like many bills in our country this too can drag on without any real results.


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3 Responses to Giving Voice to Women

  1. raghavi says:

    i wonder always ….!!!!!!A women who needs 33.3% reservation to get into parliment itself …how efficient is she to do any thing???i hope INDIRAGANDHI had no reservation..:)so the bottom line is A LEADER NEEDS NO RESERVATION ..

    coming to the other point- what are the achievements?why should b appreciated??
    clarity is missing….:)btw not only women every normal humanbeing expects identification (is it appreciation!!!!) …let it b man ,woman .

    coming to the other point ….superiority concept …as u said oppurtunity shd b there to show that it a taken opportunity or given by some one??:)

  2. Anoohya says:

    When u have privilege,opportunity & pedigree u need no reservations, Of-course Indira Gandhi is different in her own way……
    Providing an opportunity for a seemingly ordinary person to become another Indira Gandhi is what Iam looking for in the 33% reservations…

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