State Of States: Bihar

Bihar, I feel is the state which got a raw deal over time. When ever we start with the history of India, Bihar is the first state we need to deal with.Bihar had an important place in the history of India with regards to power, culture and education.It had an amazing historical significance with a very rich heritage.

The greatest Indian Empire,the Mauryan Empire was originated from Magadha in 325 BC & had its capital at Patliputra(modern Patna).One of the greatest rulers in history of India & world Ashoka was born in Patliputra.Magadha was ruled by many dynasties & Pataliputra was the capital for most of them.The Gupta Empire, which again originated from Magadha in 240 CE, is referred to as the Golden Age of India in science, mathematics, astronomy, religion and Indian philosophy.The Vikramshila and Nalanda universities in Bihar were among the oldest and best centers of education in ancient India.

It is sad to know that the state which once held the world famous institutions now stand least in the literacy rate 33.57%. The state which was ruled by the greatest dynasties now is the most corrupt state in India. So what led to this change?Where did it all go wrong?When we think back we can trace the events which led to the breakdown of things.

May be the downfall of Bihar started with the Invasion of Mughals. Akbar annexed Bihar into his empire where Delhi was already the capital.The foreign invasion which mainly landed in India through sea concentrated mostly on those sea sided areas thereby neglecting Bihar. The war against religions invariably led to the destruction of our oldest universities.The Buddhism of Magadha was swept away by the Muslim invasion under Khilji and the centres of education Nalanda & Vikramasila were also destroyed leaving Bihar in its most vulnerable form.

Though Bihar saw a revival of its education system during the later part of the British rule ,it was not enough.After independence Bihar lost the pace in terms of establishing a centre for education.Now the steps to revive the ancient Nalanda University as Nalanda International University are being taken for which countries like Japan, Korea and China have also taken initiatives.And with Nitish Kumar guiding them for the second time may be things are starting to look better 🙂


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