In love or In love with the idea of love?

Love – No, I’m not defining that for u,U can have your own definition.                              Then u have the idea of love which I will explain . U so desperately want to be in love that u start doing things in a particular way that can certify u are in love without actually feeling them for yourself.

May be this is one serious question people should be asking themselves
when they are in a relationship. Do we love each other or are we caught up in the idea of being in love? In the later case we are cheating ourselves from the real thing. Do recheck u r feelings before stumbling for the desire to be termed as the great lovers.

Many of us at one phase or the other been in love with this idea.But how significant is it when so many people say it just because they think they should say it or because the other person expects them to, or because you’ve been together long enough and should be ready to be saying and hearing these words “I Love You”


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3 Responses to In love or In love with the idea of love?

  1. Vijay Bhaskar says:

    Good one!! Its only a phase of life i believe. We often get confused with infatuation and love. I read some where, – “before getting engaged, stay with her/him when u r with severe cold”. 😉

  2. Anoohya says:

    does it end this way – ” & If he is still around u can safely marry him ”
    If so, can I get a triple chocolate sundae before getting engaged? 🙂

    • Vijay Bhaskar says:

      🙂 Every relationship will have a honeymoon period. We should have enough patience to wait and take a decision after that period.

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