A lot can happen over coffee….

Waking up with sunlight pouring into u r room,Sipping a hot cup of coffee & pondering over things to do with a newspaper in your hand..Reaching u r office , waiting to discuss & gossip abt everything starting from the previous day’s tv shows to schedules & work, with u r colleagues over team tea…At the end of the day sharing u r thoughts with u r friends over a sip of decaf…..                         Coffee day is right….. A lot can happen over coffee….

Thinking of coffee brings Bru & Nescafe into my mind with their fabulous ad campaigns…Since I don’t drink any ,my association with them is thru their ads…..These ads capture the sun-shines ,beauty in lives ,intimacy of relationships, unsaid conversations,  happiness in smaller things & lot more .

May be Bru has larger market & especially in south India coffee is synonymous with Bru….Their ads used to be adorable,subtle & real…Remember their very famous tag line happiness starts with bru….Their 2 famous ads are Bru Sagar & Bru little cup .But these days may be they are concentrating more on their major market & regionalizing the ads which are tasteless & over the top.

Nescafe on the other hand have more soulful ads…I just love their ads for their cuteness , captions , jingles & everything they put together……………even their captions are great … the taste that gets u starting now the taste that gets u going now……                                come alive to great moments………                              jeevan mein aapke naya sunrise………   & the ever classic –  There is a new sunrise in your life

These days they introduced celebrities to their campaign & ruined them for me…..Bru with Shahid & Priyanka ,Nescafe with Deepika & Karan which is not great either….But the nescafe southindian ad with Surya & Jyothika is a true winner….  Celebrities may get audience notice the product but captivating emotions are the ones that stay behind.

Now all those people who don’t drink coffee no need to worry …..capture the essence & recreate these moments with u r fav beverage…….anyways, coffee is bitter & unhealthy 😉


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2 Responses to A lot can happen over coffee….

  1. raghavi says:

    i liked the profile picture and caption rather than coffee

  2. vijay says:

    How come no mention of filter coffee ? 😉 Just to share some more info — Chennai has its own flavour of filter coffees like – Kumbakonam degree coffee, kotha’s coffee, vivekananda’s etc.. in addition to coffee day. You will be surprised to see some of these brands have their own portals. In Europe, mostly they drink coffee, just after the meal, no milk, no sugar, just coffee. Starbucks in one brand which is so popular gloabally. Personally, i can drink a bad tea, but not a bad coffee.

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