India Against Corruption

Good to see , finally we Indians have decided ‘ We had enough’ and started to take matters into our hands . This is the time to fight for the change which we always hoped would someday happen. The strong lok pal bill is definitely a start for better India.

The spirit to fight was never lacking in our people. But somehow we couldn’t covert it into major revolution till now. The lack of proper leaders may be a reason too.But with Anna Hazare & his team people found someone who they can trust & follow.The right magnitude & the right intensity which is very much needed at this stage is what we are seeing now. But what we seriously need to hope is that like many movements this does not subside with time until the goal is reached.

Don’t support the movement blindly just because everyone around you is buzzing with news.First know all the details and then decide your stand. Remember if we are supporting India against Corruption it should start with ourselves & our homes.

All the cynics ,skeptics ,detractors and disbelievers go take a break. Something historical is going on & we don’t need you here…..


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