Writing Tips

Iam not any published author as u know, but these are the salient points which I found interesting when reading a book.So here Iam ready to share them with you. If you know me you will also know that Iam not much into the personality development /self help books(Ya ! I need to grow up) but love the fiction books. So these tips are mainly for the aspiring fiction writers.

The first & most imp thing you need when you write a book is command over the language in which you wish to write. The grammatical & syntactical errors may not seem imp in the greater scheme of things but they definitely ruin the flow for the readers. Have fun with words,play with them & make them interesting. Unique phrases will definitely bring you more readers. But don’t use too flowery language which the average reader may not understand.

Choose the tone of your book.Do u wish to inspire,educate or entertain and stick to that tone throughout the book.Don’t waver from one to other or if your aim is to waver from one tone to other make sure you have a smooth transition.  Start writing with whatever comes to you, never at first stop for corrections. Only when you are done with the flow start the edits. Write with your heart and edit with your mind.

If you have wild imagination then you should already be a writer. Imagination is the best gift a writer can ever have. Funniest or scariest any situation you need, with your imagination your work is already half done. But first do extensive research on your chosen premise so that u can get your facts right. Be Inspired but again never copy. Awe the readers with clever plot twists.

Main things which make a book popular are ,It should connect with the readers. Either they should be able to identify/sympathize with the characters or It should be drastically different from routine stuff wherein faced with the similar situations they would love to react the exact way, and It should cater to the intellectual hunger and adventurous appetite of the readers. If you can achieve any of these you are success as a writer.

When I master all these things, may be then I can start to think about writing a book.  Before which I need to sort out few obstacles like earning a living which may even help me in funding these other hobbies/interests 🙂

You probably have some tips too, do share it here with us……


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