Meena – Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani

In my summer holidays I find a book at my grandparents house which is a very old copy, but the cover image(an illustration by Bapu) & the blurb attracts me and on impulse I read it. To my pleasant surprise,”Meena” turns out to be my most cherished read. I still treasure the copy & this has become the single book I revisit most in my life.

What makes the book so special? Meena the main character & the host of other characters that surround & compliment her.The magic of the writer flows through each & every page of the book. The biggest achievement of the writer is that she makes us love Meena with all her flaws.The development of the relationship between the hero & heroine is shown in a realistic way and we too grow to love him along with Meena.The other important character is the mother of Meena. Even though she is tyrannical ,she is not without her merits.

The story revolves around the heroine, her fight against her dominant mother, her escapeĀ  from an unwanted marriage, her attempt to reunite feuding families & how she succeeds in marrying the man she loves. Wow,she truly has an exciting life and the way the writer narrates all these is so interesting & easily identifiable that you will love to be in her place.

Yaddanapudi is very good with details.Every scene unveils in front of you .The way she describes even the minute things is so commendable not to mention the sarees & dressings which we can even quote. She definitely is a progressive thinker of her generation. Never her heroines are doormats & she always challenges the societal obligations.The way she compares the living styles of the cities & villages and also the rich & poor evokes laughter and is a delight to read.

Like family song or family theme if we can have a family book this will be ours.My aunts & my mom love this book which is actually written in their generation but till today we can feel the freshness of the book. My friends immensely enjoy this book.This is the first book I read by this author which made me search for more, but this still is my favorite.


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