Know your personality type?

For most of us analyzing people is a fav past-time. What is she/he like? Is the first question that circles in the brain when we meet a person. Sometimes the answer strikes immediately & other times it needs a deeper digging. Intelligent,smart,clever or wait are all these the same things?? The confusion surrounding this made me explore deeper & here are the differences & similarities between these descriptive adjectives.

So let’s start with the most used words                                                                              Intelligence is The capacity of understanding,having knowledge                                             Clever means Mentally bright, showing inventiveness, astute                                                    Though these words are used as synonyms most of the times, they have different meanings. Intelligence helps you understand easily whereas cleverness helps you understand quickly. In other words Intelligence is understanding an issue & cleverness is solving the issue.                                                                                                                                   Now what happens to SmartnessIt is quick or prompt in action… where in it is understanding quickly & easily.

Coming to the other major word Sensibleis having sense or sound judgement.          Wisdom is combing intelligence & common sense.. it is the power to judge properly,insight…     it uses intelligence to make decisions                                                    Brilliance is distinguished or illustrious,conspicuous talent …. it is excellence in mental ability.                                                                                                                                                        Genius – One who is very clever, very intelligent & very everything. One who embodies exceptional intellectual ability , originality and creativity.

If you are still confused with these words and are not sure of their usage,then feel free to interchange & use these adjectives as you please. Our comfort should be our foremost concern 🙂

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