Boys v&s Girls

I want you to write about this for a very long time and you are not cooperating…  my inner frustrated-feminist-teenager sulked.
I know, replied my outer-adult-mature-self.

So, can we start now….I’m so fed up of holding back. Teen Me stated animatedly.
Ok, write away as anyhow you are not allowing me to do anything else. Adult Me put in.

Teen Me yelled excitedly, Remember in your 5th class how u girls & boys always used to gang up and fight with spies on either side.
Offo! you are not even supposed to be born then why did u hold a grudge…  Adult me interrupted.                                                                                                                                               Never-mind about me but see my point here, they start young… Even from the baby phase they start playing by destroying and we start playing by creating and there lies the crux of the conflict of entire human race…. Teen me ended dramatically.
My Goodness! Adult Me introspected.

See our brains are wired differently,even though everything is happening right in front of their eyes they can’t see & they neglect to keep track of things happening close to them….. but they can very easily remember all types of games from around the world. An occasional game, may be like a world cup final is fine but what with these endless parade. Teen Me ranted.
Ya, even I used to wonder, when they got time & energy to invest in movies or sports why can’t they do the same with your everyday living breathing thinking things… Adult Me surprisingly agreed.
Now that would make too much sense 🙂 … My point is when they are so good in all these things why can’t they adopt a few emotions and in the way pick up a few feelings. Teen Me seconded.

The society often describes or wants them to be tough, but I feel hard is more suitable. Teen Me high-handedly informed.                                                                                   Now you are being rude as opposed to direct…  Adult Me shared.

Ok, on top of all these they feel women are complicated.Even if some one tries, they can’t create a more beautifully opposite person to boys than girls..I’m not saying this since I’m a girl, if you can find a more neutral source feel free to ask them :).. Teen Me smirked.    What is wrong with being different? You are supposed to be different, you know the balancing act of Universe… remember yin & yang. Adult Me chided.

And don’t even get me started on cleanliness.Teen Me snapped                                                Ok,so they sometimes neglect to keep things in their proper places ..Big deal !!! Adult me shared.                                                                                                                                            Excuse me,do u not fight with your brother on this like every day… Teen Me enquired.
No, that is you…. Adult Me smiled.
Ya right! Teen Me snorted.

So what do u want them to do? Adult Me asked.
Like they are going to listen to me now! I just wanted to rant for a little bit.Anyways, since I’m past this ranting phase & hopefully over it & became u I’m planning to ignore or accept the said behavior traits depending on the moment and move on. Teen Me concluded.
With modern wonders of Literature,now we even have ‘Chick lit’ & ‘Lad lit’ which indicates that we can peacefully coexist in this vast space called universe and contribute to its harmony. Adult Me finished. 🙂


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  1. raghavi says:

    bio diversity ….cow is different from ….:)!!!!!

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