Nancy Drew

ND1tsotocMy first crush.
It all started on a summer afternoon in my 7th class with a library book brought home by my mother. Naturally my friend who also loves books hooked along and between us before we finished our 10th standard we completed 50 odd library additions and we used to pester our Head-Mistress to bring more to the collection.Our librarian who till today recollects our book obsession (fondly) would grant us only 1 book each ,so before any major holidays we used to conspire with our classmates and book all the books so that we can exchange them in the holidays. Seeing through our plan she sometimes would pity us and grant more, being the teacher’s daughter has its perks 🙂 . In my 10th standard there came a point where we have neglected the classwork and also the unit tests and was warned by my class teacher (also my mother) in front of the whole class.

These are the best books for a teenager to get hooked to reading. These definitely played a major role in my lure of mystery series.They say not all books are written by Carolyn Keene, but for us since this is her idea, her child she will always be the writer for whatever book we read with Nancy’s name on it. The stories usually have Nancy the main protagonist who help local detectives with some cases aided by her father Carson Drew who is a lawyer. She is often followed by her friends the tom boyish George & her cousin Bess and sometimes their boy friends. This takes place in a fictional town called River Heights.

I was so influenced by Nancy that I wanted to become a detective for most of my early life and wrote the same in all my 10th clasnancy_drew_56_the_thirteenth_pearl_frontcover_large_En3ROOq6dWgDuRps autograph books.But with no proper guidance & lack of opportunities I ended up being an engineer. We used to enact the main characters and crime scenes in our leisure periods in school and imagine ourselves to be in River Heights and that still is my dream destination.Till today on our every school visit we check whether ours is the last name on the book card.After all these years recently we raided landmark specifically for these books and spent the whole afternoon searching for the series & reminiscing the whole time.We had so much joy and its one of my best memory.


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