Decoding: Girls….

What do you know about girls, anyway? 🙂



In my world and in my words they are geniuses who has the ability to multitask on multiple topics beating even this generation’s greatest invention(computer) which can only multitask. How awesome is that!!!!!  You just need to be brilliant enough to catch up with that.


Teenage_Girls_Gossiping_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_090514-016200-769053Ok,we gossip,gossip & gossip and never get tired of it. The secret behind this is that it is both an energy booster and a stress buster and actually very entertaining .

Thought dissecting – This comes instinctively to us. Why did I do that?What did I think while doing that? What would he think about that?What do you think he thought about that? & How dare he actually thinks? 😉

Giggling- Remember, the famous Aishwarya Rai’s giggle. I don’t normally do this unless Iam with my best friend and we had a crazy moment.


Dieting – Whether we do it or not , we love to talk about it. Talking and thinking itself reduces half our weight. We definitely ponder on ways of doing it but actually doing it is all together a different matter.



Shopping –  Can a girl ever live with out this.A sage person(my cousin, ofcourse 🙂 ) once told me shopping is the solution to every problem present and it is kind of true too.This is the best therapy one can find. Cheers you up immediately.And I tell you nothing beats the feeling of finding and owning something which you have envisioned for a long time. We just don’t like to buy , we love to show them off  too . Dressing up is the most fun thing that can be done.

Cellphone- Talk, talk & more talk.You know how we girls love to talk and how we have an opinion on everything under the sun and how we need to let that out. It all starts in college when you need to dissect everything that happened in the class with your friends & continue to womanhood  where you do the same thing but in a different tangent altogether. Ahh, How I miss my best friend – all those silly conversations and those nights where we stayed up late talking to each other. Long distance relationships do suck and cellphone is the only saving grace here.

& Finally,
“A girl is so much more than she seems……”


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