Life comes Full Circle

Whether we recognize it, experience it or approve of it,Life comes full circle in more ways than one.

We start , we crib, we move on and eventually end up at the same place but now with a changed mindset and appreciating the things which we didn’t before. Our notions, our attitude, our beliefs everything travels and evolves. Sometimes it may complete a circle & sometimes it can begin a circle or sometimes it merges with another circle. If you are patient enough to analyze these things everything can be measured.

In Hindu philosophy we fondly call this as Karma.What goes around,comes around. The way we treat others, our words, our actions are again returned back to us with added fervor.Life’s way of teaching us things, I suppose. This is only understood by experience and that’s why they say experience is the best teacher.

It’s exactly like what you sow, you reap.Our inherent pride always wants us to be the ones at the top, but life is same to everyone.It only appears like it treats them differently.We each are different individuals and what we need and want from life are also very different, so comparing only ruins things.We compare different things and get disappointed and are never happy with the life we have there by giving grief to others which eventually reaches us.

As they say ‘How people treat you is their Karma, How you react is yours.’


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