My Tryst with Yoga

Ok, how excited are you to do yoga…I for one if can get a great body with out yoga,gym or anything in between I would grab it with both my hands and never question it…But in real world all I get is one eye-roll and ‘get real’ for that…:P


So recently I have started yoga…Well,maybe it’s too premature to even say that..Trying on the gear and getting a hang of it is what Iam doing…and from that I realized I can actually be qualified in a few days to name it something else because the output what I get is definitely not Yoga of what we see everyday…and my inflexible body is not helping one bit…Uffff

On top of that you are supposed to meditate and add breathing to those poses…That is a sure shot code red for me…I never could manage a 15 min meditation in the school,so forget about a prolonged time. The thing is my brain never shuts down..Keeping my mind blank is an Everest for me….It always need to think,Whether I acknowledge it or not doesn’t really matter to it…it keeps doing its stuff… May be my brain should be my role model…you know, to do things irrespective of what others say..

Anyways coming back to yoga…Sometimes, I would really love it if I can get a break from my brain…Already imagining that calmness is making me delirious. And then there is Reiki, I feel it as a natural progression to meditation..healing others or ourselves through energy or something…Any Reiki experts, don’t kill me for placing it with meditation.Iam a simple person, I like it when things are simple…so I added it under the tag meditation which are inturn under the broader tag of Yoga for me…

Need to mention my family here..My mother encourages or rather urges me to practice yoga daily…Infact she pushes me for any hobby I take up, I guess she is just glad that Iam willing to do something…:D  And then my brother, ever ready with the eye-rolls and ‘get real’s that I mentioned above…and finally my father, the strong and silent type..encouraging in his own way, when he is not busy acting as a referee between the rest of us…

I didn’t mention the good part,right…I was saving it for the last…The Yoga pants and Tee,ofcourse…..;)
You know what for all the stress we are under mental ,physical and biological I want some perks for Yoga..At the least I want Yoga and chocolate to balance it out…Isn’t Nature all about balancing things.So nature if you are listening, this ones for you…


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