Unintentional Heartbreaks

It’s your regular day at office, you login and instead of worrying about work,you sit lost in your chair and weep silently into your handkerchief.Everyone around you from your team mates to the people passing by stop and ask you, on seeing your state. You smile,pretend and say it’s nothing.Because it really is nothing, atleast nothing that anyone would understand…It can be something as silly as moving away from your childhood surroundings.


Everyone is excitedly watching the last match of your favorite cricketer but you sit in the corner trying to get a grip on your emotions and being a boy it is drilled into you that you shouldn’t cry in public. But in the end you fail and bawl your heart out along with your idol.

Did you get the pattern here…Emotions are a tricky thing. Where we invest them is a puzzle in itself and most of the time it happens with out our knowledge.And the sad thing is you only realize the weight of your emotions when everything comes crashing down. The retirement of your favorite cricketer,moving away from your hometown,last page of a book,marriage of your celebrity crush,letting go of your favorite series,breakup of the fictional couple you shipped,replacing your old things,sad climax of a movie…anything can trigger it.

We mostly internalize our feelings, so knowingly or unknowingly we form a bond with things which are often not in our control and when suddenly the pattern goes against us it is not always easy to go with the flow.We oppose, we fight and end up breaking down.

I used to have a very different notion about being emotionally strong or weak,but with time I realized the thresholds and the canvas are what is actually different.The anguish and broken-hearts are real and same for everyone. It’s just that everybody breaks down, but the things they do for differs.

The funny thing is the outsiders perspective of all these is quite hilarious.Even our own real heartbreaks when viewed from non personal lens can be really funny.And I feel that is the reason most of the time we don’t share things seemingly silly and end up being depressed.

Heartbreaks and emotional mess are the proof that we are living.And trust me,the presumably frivolous things also leave us with lots of pain :P. But at the end of the day, all that really matters is how we emerge stronger by each experience. The best heal as they say is time.Time heals almost everything. You will realize that the way to get over the last chapter is to start the first one all over again.

One sure shot way to get over anything is to sleep it out. Personally I have resolved many of my crises in sleep and woke up a little wiser in the morning…:P


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One Response to Unintentional Heartbreaks

  1. Navyatha says:

    Good one! Loved the line “..get over the last chapter is to start the first all over again”

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