Lost – TvSeries

After much to see & not to see on Tv, I finally decided to give Lost a chance. And boy, am I glad!! I would have surely missed an awesome series if I had skipped this one. It landed straight into my top 3 even before the series ended (which turned out to be the right choice, what with the stupid ending & all :P)

The first season is totally gripping and for the first few episodes I couldn’t take a break. The fascinating adventure is not the only thing that is interesting in the show, the journey of the characters and the way they are interlaced is simply amazing.

Sure they were times when I thought the makers have lost it and sometimes I felt I have lost the connections, nevertheless it was one exhilarating journey.

But I couldn’t and wouldn’t excuse them for the ending. What was that? Initially when they were showing flash sideways in the last season I thought it is some alternative perspective of how the characters meet and discover themselves and others if they didn’t crash on the island or something.You know like being given a second chance but only with the added advantage of reminding them of the experiences of the island journey enriching their lives.(Don’t look at me like that, Isn’t it fiction.) Yeah that is what they showed more or less but they did it in Purgatory and I wanted it to be in the real world.. It would have given us a perfect closure.

When we see the whole picture, each season may seem a little isolated from the other. Nevertheless, It keeps us high between the seasons, but nothing actually is transported to the next phase..But the bright part is , only after you finish all the seasons you realize that everything is not tied up neat and clean and it doesn’t really matter in the end.

Thank you makers for showing us how beautiful and adventurous, being lost can be..



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