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Unintentional Heartbreaks

It’s your regular day at office, you login and instead of worrying about work,you sit lost in your chair and weep silently into your handkerchief.Everyone around you from your team mates to the people passing by stop and ask you, … Continue reading

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My Tryst with Yoga

Ok, how excited are you to do yoga…I for one if can get a great body with out yoga,gym or anything in between I would grab it with both my hands and never question it…But in real world all I … Continue reading

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Life comes Full Circle

Whether we recognize it, experience it or approve of it,Life comes full circle in more ways than one. We start , we crib, we move on and eventually end up at the same place but now with a changed mindset … Continue reading

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Decoding: Girls….

What do you know about girls, anyway? 🙂   In my world and in my words they are geniuses who has the ability to multitask on multiple topics beating even this generation’s greatest invention(computer) which can only multitask. How awesome … Continue reading

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What is your definition of love? by Shanti

I’ve been in debt of writing a guest article for this blog since forever. 🙂  Finally I decided to open up my laptop and get my thoughts flowing. Let me share a little background on why I chose the above … Continue reading

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Nancy Drew

My first crush. It all started on a summer afternoon in my 7th class with a library book brought home by my mother. Naturally my friend who also loves books hooked along and between us before we finished our 10th … Continue reading

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Boys v&s Girls

I want you to write about this for a very long time and you are not cooperating…  my inner frustrated-feminist-teenager sulked. I know, replied my outer-adult-mature-self. So, can we start now….I’m so fed up of holding back. Teen Me stated … Continue reading

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