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Know your personality type?

For most of us analyzing people is a fav past-time. What is she/he like? Is the first question that circles in the brain when we meet a person. Sometimes the answer strikes immediately & other times it needs a deeper … Continue reading

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A lot can happen over coffee….

Waking up with sunlight pouring into u r room,Sipping a hot cup of coffee & pondering over things to do with a newspaper in your hand..Reaching u r office , waiting to discuss & gossip abt everything starting from the … Continue reading

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Giving Voice to Women

The question never was Are men & women equal? The question always is Why are women & men not treated equally? In the past our society never gave a chance to women,they always had to fight for their place. Men … Continue reading

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Leakage effect !!!!!!!!

Corporate India is not the only one who is worried about these recent phone tapping. Common India, my mother for instance is so worried about these tapping. Leaked conversations might serve the public interest in curbing corruption & detecting the … Continue reading

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