The Shiva Trilogy

My brother & ‘The Hindu’ have introduced me to this book on the same day. Blending mythology & history and combining fact & fiction is my fav genre. So I couldn’t control my excitement when we ordered for these books. Added to that it has an interesting story line “The story of the man whom legend turned into a god”. And it also has very interesting cover images.

As mentioned in the blurb this trilogy deals with the story of Shiva from humanist point of view.The three installments of the trilogy take you through the ride of a Tibetan Immigrant who is driven by his innate sense of justice, his internal conflict between good & evil and his calling & destiny.

Even though the plot ideas & the screenplay are good the writing puts a major dent in the overall experience of the book.The language used is very amateurish & the narration of the scenes is too flat. The characters are not fully developed.The turmoil & anguish is totally missing .Compared to the first book the second one is better (may be due to my reduced expectations)as we can anticipate & enjoy the plot twists.But the author has the habit of abruptly ending the books which leaves out the sense of completion.

If we are drawing parallels to the mythological characters, few of those are used really well. The author’s thoughts on destiny,choosing,philosophical duality,perspective of evil are communicated as wordings between Shiva & the Vasudev’s. But most of the times the books hint you of Panchatantra stories as in giving moral lessons to children. The Meluhan way of life & the description of their architecture is straight out from the history notes.The symbols used to represent caste system appear as forced inspiration from Dan Brown.May be my own overactive imagination is drawing conclusions, but somehow the track of people finding the blue throat & recognizing him as Neelakant reminds me of Harry’s scar & that of the people living through ages & somras of vampires.

If you have fewer expectations & if you’re not looking for the Indian version of Dan Brown in this author then you will definitely enjoy the book better than me. But nevertheless as I have the habit of logically concluding the series I’m very much looking forward for the final installment.

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Know your personality type?

For most of us analyzing people is a fav past-time. What is she/he like? Is the first question that circles in the brain when we meet a person. Sometimes the answer strikes immediately & other times it needs a deeper digging. Intelligent,smart,clever or wait are all these the same things?? The confusion surrounding this made me explore deeper & here are the differences & similarities between these descriptive adjectives.

So let’s start with the most used words                                                                              Intelligence is The capacity of understanding,having knowledge                                             Clever means Mentally bright, showing inventiveness, astute                                                    Though these words are used as synonyms most of the times, they have different meanings. Intelligence helps you understand easily whereas cleverness helps you understand quickly. In other words Intelligence is understanding an issue & cleverness is solving the issue.                                                                                                                                   Now what happens to SmartnessIt is quick or prompt in action… where in it is understanding quickly & easily.

Coming to the other major word Sensibleis having sense or sound judgement.          Wisdom is combing intelligence & common sense.. it is the power to judge properly,insight…     it uses intelligence to make decisions                                                    Brilliance is distinguished or illustrious,conspicuous talent …. it is excellence in mental ability.                                                                                                                                                        Genius – One who is very clever, very intelligent & very everything. One who embodies exceptional intellectual ability , originality and creativity.

If you are still confused with these words and are not sure of their usage,then feel free to interchange & use these adjectives as you please. Our comfort should be our foremost concern 🙂

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Meena – Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani

In my summer holidays I find a book at my grandparents house which is a very old copy, but the cover image(an illustration by Bapu) & the blurb attracts me and on impulse I read it. To my pleasant surprise,”Meena” turns out to be my most cherished read. I still treasure the copy & this has become the single book I revisit most in my life.

What makes the book so special? Meena the main character & the host of other characters that surround & compliment her.The magic of the writer flows through each & every page of the book. The biggest achievement of the writer is that she makes us love Meena with all her flaws.The development of the relationship between the hero & heroine is shown in a realistic way and we too grow to love him along with Meena.The other important character is the mother of Meena. Even though she is tyrannical ,she is not without her merits.

The story revolves around the heroine, her fight against her dominant mother, her escape  from an unwanted marriage, her attempt to reunite feuding families & how she succeeds in marrying the man she loves. Wow,she truly has an exciting life and the way the writer narrates all these is so interesting & easily identifiable that you will love to be in her place.

Yaddanapudi is very good with details.Every scene unveils in front of you .The way she describes even the minute things is so commendable not to mention the sarees & dressings which we can even quote. She definitely is a progressive thinker of her generation. Never her heroines are doormats & she always challenges the societal obligations.The way she compares the living styles of the cities & villages and also the rich & poor evokes laughter and is a delight to read.

Like family song or family theme if we can have a family book this will be ours.My aunts & my mom love this book which is actually written in their generation but till today we can feel the freshness of the book. My friends immensely enjoy this book.This is the first book I read by this author which made me search for more, but this still is my favorite.

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Writing Tips

Iam not any published author as u know, but these are the salient points which I found interesting when reading a book.So here Iam ready to share them with you. If you know me you will also know that Iam not much into the personality development /self help books(Ya ! I need to grow up) but love the fiction books. So these tips are mainly for the aspiring fiction writers.

The first & most imp thing you need when you write a book is command over the language in which you wish to write. The grammatical & syntactical errors may not seem imp in the greater scheme of things but they definitely ruin the flow for the readers. Have fun with words,play with them & make them interesting. Unique phrases will definitely bring you more readers. But don’t use too flowery language which the average reader may not understand.

Choose the tone of your book.Do u wish to inspire,educate or entertain and stick to that tone throughout the book.Don’t waver from one to other or if your aim is to waver from one tone to other make sure you have a smooth transition.  Start writing with whatever comes to you, never at first stop for corrections. Only when you are done with the flow start the edits. Write with your heart and edit with your mind.

If you have wild imagination then you should already be a writer. Imagination is the best gift a writer can ever have. Funniest or scariest any situation you need, with your imagination your work is already half done. But first do extensive research on your chosen premise so that u can get your facts right. Be Inspired but again never copy. Awe the readers with clever plot twists.

Main things which make a book popular are ,It should connect with the readers. Either they should be able to identify/sympathize with the characters or It should be drastically different from routine stuff wherein faced with the similar situations they would love to react the exact way, and It should cater to the intellectual hunger and adventurous appetite of the readers. If you can achieve any of these you are success as a writer.

When I master all these things, may be then I can start to think about writing a book.  Before which I need to sort out few obstacles like earning a living which may even help me in funding these other hobbies/interests 🙂

You probably have some tips too, do share it here with us……

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India Against Corruption

Good to see , finally we Indians have decided ‘ We had enough’ and started to take matters into our hands . This is the time to fight for the change which we always hoped would someday happen. The strong lok pal bill is definitely a start for better India.

The spirit to fight was never lacking in our people. But somehow we couldn’t covert it into major revolution till now. The lack of proper leaders may be a reason too.But with Anna Hazare & his team people found someone who they can trust & follow.The right magnitude & the right intensity which is very much needed at this stage is what we are seeing now. But what we seriously need to hope is that like many movements this does not subside with time until the goal is reached.

Don’t support the movement blindly just because everyone around you is buzzing with news.First know all the details and then decide your stand. Remember if we are supporting India against Corruption it should start with ourselves & our homes.

All the cynics ,skeptics ,detractors and disbelievers go take a break. Something historical is going on & we don’t need you here…..

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A lot can happen over coffee….

Waking up with sunlight pouring into u r room,Sipping a hot cup of coffee & pondering over things to do with a newspaper in your hand..Reaching u r office , waiting to discuss & gossip abt everything starting from the previous day’s tv shows to schedules & work, with u r colleagues over team tea…At the end of the day sharing u r thoughts with u r friends over a sip of decaf…..                         Coffee day is right….. A lot can happen over coffee….

Thinking of coffee brings Bru & Nescafe into my mind with their fabulous ad campaigns…Since I don’t drink any ,my association with them is thru their ads…..These ads capture the sun-shines ,beauty in lives ,intimacy of relationships, unsaid conversations,  happiness in smaller things & lot more .

May be Bru has larger market & especially in south India coffee is synonymous with Bru….Their ads used to be adorable,subtle & real…Remember their very famous tag line happiness starts with bru….Their 2 famous ads are Bru Sagar & Bru little cup .But these days may be they are concentrating more on their major market & regionalizing the ads which are tasteless & over the top.

Nescafe on the other hand have more soulful ads…I just love their ads for their cuteness , captions , jingles & everything they put together……………even their captions are great … the taste that gets u starting now the taste that gets u going now……                                come alive to great moments………                              jeevan mein aapke naya sunrise………   & the ever classic –  There is a new sunrise in your life

These days they introduced celebrities to their campaign & ruined them for me…..Bru with Shahid & Priyanka ,Nescafe with Deepika & Karan which is not great either….But the nescafe southindian ad with Surya & Jyothika is a true winner….  Celebrities may get audience notice the product but captivating emotions are the ones that stay behind.

Now all those people who don’t drink coffee no need to worry …..capture the essence & recreate these moments with u r fav beverage…….anyways, coffee is bitter & unhealthy 😉

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In love or In love with the idea of love?

Love – No, I’m not defining that for u,U can have your own definition.                              Then u have the idea of love which I will explain . U so desperately want to be in love that u start doing things in a particular way that can certify u are in love without actually feeling them for yourself.

May be this is one serious question people should be asking themselves
when they are in a relationship. Do we love each other or are we caught up in the idea of being in love? In the later case we are cheating ourselves from the real thing. Do recheck u r feelings before stumbling for the desire to be termed as the great lovers.

Many of us at one phase or the other been in love with this idea.But how significant is it when so many people say it just because they think they should say it or because the other person expects them to, or because you’ve been together long enough and should be ready to be saying and hearing these words “I Love You”

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